Is Bartley the man to fill McGinn’s boots?

Obviously, Bartley is not as good as McGinn, but watching the team these last few weeks, I have begun to wonder whether it is actually McGinn’s physicality and energy that we are missing most?

Of all his wonderful play, the way he got about the park to shield the defence, harry and pressure the opposition was a major – if sometimes overlooked – part of his game. Defensively, he was very good.

Bartley can never replace his attacking ability, but in terms f covering ground and adding some muscle to our midfield, I wonder if perhaps he is the solution, at least in the short term?

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Football writer and author of What Kept You Hibs?, the definitive story of the fall and glorious rise of Hibernian, smashing football’s greatest curse. Available on amazon e-book now Unfortunately the 150 limited edition hard copies have sold out. Guest contributions and feedback welcome

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