Why another book about that day in May?

The tempting answer is, who could ever tire of watching or reading about it?

The real answer is that I felt that the real beauty of the cup win was just its sheer unlikeliness. In all of those 114 years, there could have been few eras less likely to produce the cruse-shattering run. Don’t get me wrong, if Fenlon’s team had done it, they would have been up there (or down there?) as mong the least likely teams to achieve what the Famous Five, Turnbull’s Tornadoes or the Celebrated Team of the 20s couldn’t.

But as I point out in the book, it is all too easy now to forget just what a basket case of a club we were. Seemingly terminal decline, endless transition, lurching from ignominy to ignominy, having no sense of purpose or direction except to exist.

And I felt that neither Aidan Smith’s or Ted Brack’s books really looked at the whole story. That is not meant as a criticism, they were obviously trying to get their books out quickly and tell that immediate story. And adding in all that context and history wasn’t easy, hence why my book has been published more than two years later.

But rather than be in competition with the books mentioned above, I hope that mind complements them, by adding a degree of history, and also context on what the cup win meant for Hibs, and how it helped to catapult the club back to a more fitting position in Scottish football, than the depths to which it had sunk in 2014/15.

I hope that What Kept You Hibs? can add to the overall story by looking at how Hibs found themselves so low, the aftermath and catalysing effect of May 2016.

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James Stephen Blog

Football writer and author of What Kept You Hibs?, the definitive story of the fall and glorious rise of Hibernian, smashing football’s greatest curse. Available on amazon e-book now https://tinyurl.com/y84ph7v5 Unfortunately the 150 limited edition hard copies have sold out. Guest contributions and feedback welcome

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