Farewell Efe – you’ve proved everybody wrong

What a signing he turned out to be. An emergency loan while languishing in the lower leagues for the third season, he came in with a reputation as an accident-waiting-to-happen in defence.

Yet Efe Ambrose turned out to be a brilliant player. And while he did make the odd mistake (what player doesn’t?) they were far fewer than the opposition fans would like to believe, and highlighted far more; mud sticks in Scottish football, even when the mud is not justified.

His style could be compared to former players Sol Bamba and Franck Sauzee.

While he was definitely not as raw as Bamba when he arrived, he came with a similar reputation for costly errors that proved to be greatly exaggerated. Bamba, like Efe, had a brilliant mix of composure, physicality and genuine ability on the ball. A combination that will suit Efe well if he moves to England, as it is currently suiting Bamba in his career.

And while obviously not anywhere near the same level as the great Sauzee, he had a similar elegance when bringing the ball out from the back, as well as that unerring ability to play football when all around (including fans) were starting to panic.

All the best Efe, it’s been great.

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